Why I Blog

According to the UNESCO EFA Global Monitoring Report (2012), the youth critically need skills to cope with unemployment in this rapidly changing world.

“The global economic downturn is impacting on unemployment. One young person in eight across the world is looking for work. Youth populations are large and growing. The well being and prosperity of young people depend more than ever on the skills that education and training can provide. Failing to meet this need is a waste of human potential and economic power. Youth skills have never been so vital,” it says.

It is for this reason that I started this blog; to share practical knowledge with young people in Kenya on education, training and career advancement. I myself have gone through tough phases in life, from struggling to work from age 18 to fund my campus education to working hard to advance my career.

Through the in depth interviews I do with movers and shakers — mostly entrepreneurs — in Africa and around the world, I impart knowledge on young people on how to gain the necessary skills to be successful in their own right. From CEOs to musicians to film directors, all have offered amazing insights into their day to day career undertakings, inspiring others to be the best they can be.

In 2012, I started blogging for NUHA Foundation, a UK registered non-for-profit aimed at advancing knowledge for all in the field of education. I became finalist in their annual global blogging contest and their ambassador in 2015. My nomination in the Haller Prize for Development Journalism (2014) also came as a result of my advocacy for education and personal development. I was also finalist in the Nokia–Thomson Reuters Foundation photography contest (2014), with my submission focusing on women empowerment.

In 2017, I covered the Global Goals World Cup in Nairobi, Kenya. The UNDP initiative pushes for awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals, which include quality education. This marked the second time covering a UN event, the first one being Miss Tourism Kenya 2013 at the UN Complex in Gigiri Nairobi.

This platform has gotten over 50,000 views since it’s inception, with positive feedback from all over Africa. I’ve also been invited to attend workshops by Facebook, iHub, Startup Grind, Google, BBC, Nikon Africa and other reputable companies, all geared towards perfecting my blogging craft.

It’s an honor using the Internet space to push for societal change.


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