Sense8 Actor Paul Ogola Featured On DW TV

“You have given us more than we expected,” The Wachowskis, creators of The Matrix, Jupiter Ascending, Cloud Atlas & Sense8.

They were saying this to Paul Ogola, who previously featured prominently in Nairobi Half Life – his most iconic role of a thug. It was when they first got acquainted before he started acting in Sense8, a popular Netflix Series. He revealed that in his interview with DW. I watched the touching interview which he shared on his social media earlier today. I must say this guy is going places.

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Having Had A Stellar Career At MTV And Google, Isis Nyong’o Madison Is Now Changing Lives Of Mothers In Kenya

In a world where the majority of technology innovation leaders are men, there’s unwarranted misogyny. But despite that, there always crops an intrepid, visionary and an amazingly sharp lady who beats the odds to create a brand that resonates across the board. The most common names we hear of are Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Elisabeth Holmes, the billionaire CEO of Theranos.

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Exclusive: CNN’s Faith Karimi Talks About Working At The Globe’s News Powerhouse, Lupita Nyong’o And Missing Kenya

She’s the Digital News Desk editor at headquarters at Atlanta, Georgia. Originally from Kenya, Faith Karimi is a bubbly young lady who has beaten the odds to rise to her stellar space. Working for the CNN is a wild dream for many, but as for her, it is more than that. She reveals how it is working for CNN in my interview with her. The tenacious, industrious and passionate Karimi has been working with CNN since 2009. She started off her journalism career by working for U.S. publications, doing a variety of tasks; from editing to contributing to sports.

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