I Am Beyond Elated: Thank You For The Continued Support Guys!


My Year In Blogging | 2014 – 2015

Innoss'B while shooting his latest single "Pola"
Innoss’B while shooting his latest single “Pola”

It’s been a while since I blogged guys! I really, really missed you! I hope you’ve been good and enjoying life as I was away. I have been up and down streamlining my life with studies and work. To make a recap of year 2014, I’ll highlight on some of the most impressive stuff that happened to me through my blog. You were part of the journey and I thank you for your continued support. Just taking your time to read through my articles means so much to me – it keeps me going.

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One on One with talented Innoss’B, Akon’s mentee and teenage prodigy from DRC


“Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.”  ―Johnny Depp

It was back in June 2013 when I was searching for new songs to listen to when I bumped into Akon’s new album track list, and one of the titles caught my eyes; ‘Akon: Anyway ft Innoss’B’. I had never heard of such a name before. Curiosity made me to find out who it was. From the YouTube videos, I saw a young boy playing soccer on a beach, singing to amazing reggae tunes in the car with the family he was visiting, performing on stage to an audience-all in the USA; Miami and Atlanta. He is now a mature artist on his own. It is all about learning and making it practical.

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