This page has accolades and comment’s I’ve gotten from my readers over the years. I’ll keep them as natural as possible 😉

“Congrats on all your successes – your blog is super cool.” –Hannah Lux Davis, American Music Video Director, known for working with Fifth Harmony, Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Lil Wayne, Nick Jonas, Becky G and other award winning artistes.

When I said yes to you for your blog interview, I did it because you stood out. Your passion, ambition and love for your craft always shine through in your work. Don’t ever lose that – it’s what makes it less of a job and more of an exciting journey! Keep grinding, keep writing and keeping working on making yourself the best out there!” –Faith Karimi, Newsdesk Editor, CNN Digital | CNN.com

“I read a lot of Kenyan books and daily newspapers; they’re full of glaring mistakes. I love your attention to detail,” –Michael Meyer, Founder and Dean, Aga Khan University Graduate School of Mass Communication, formerly the Communications Director and Chief Speechwriter for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

“I love how you are all about women supporting women!” –Farai Simoyi, former Senior Denim Designer, Beyonce’s House of Dereon and Senior Designer for Nicki Minaj’s K-Mart collection (on inspirational articles).

“It’s nice to see an aggressive young writer like yourself on the hot pursuit of a life-long, creative career,”- Neil Schell, Hollywood movie director, known for Watchmen (2009) and The A Team (2010)

“You are a go getter and I always surround myself with such energy!,” –Liza Wisner, Top 3 in The Apprentice with Donald Trump on NBC, Season 10; Entrepreneur and Business Performance Advisor.

It sounds like you are quite accomplished in sci-fi and future-writing! We are very happy to have your interest…” –Intel USA, Tomorrow Projects

“I loved your story. I am very happy to see how much progress you made and how active you are. I have no doubt that one day you will be a great known artist all over the world,” -Mourad Oumahdi, International Admission Representative, Full Sail University. Full Sail graduates have worked on films like The Hunger Games, Mad Max: Fury Road, Jurassic World, The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Prometheus.

“I’m certainly happy to read this and share it,” -Andrew, Virgin Mobile Canada (on ‘Robotic Love’, a science fiction story that was top 7 in the Africa-wide Innis and Outis sci-fi contest by Lesleigh Inc)

“Hilarious! Smart, funny AND informative. Your style is just how I personally like my kind of news and information reads to be like. Your articles make my reading worthwile. You are a super entertaining and interesting writer Harun. Keep doing what you are doing.” -Charity Mwangi, Miss World Kenya 2016

“Your articles always keep me interested and capture me to keep reading – never a dull moment! Carry on with it, you never know who you may inspire through your writing!”, – Chloe Mitchell,  Designer and owner of Drop of a Hat fashion house, popular for giving Lupita Nyong’o two hats during her homecoming visit. She was also among the Top 25 Under 25 Most Promising Women in Kenya in 2015.

“I like it because it’s like focused mostly on Kenya, and isn’t far fetched. And how you make the simplest of things so intricate and interesting. You truly are a creator. Someone can give you the bluntest storyline and you’ll like spruce it up x10,000,000 without exaggerating, which is skillful man,” – Pendo Moraa, Vlogger and actress, Student at Braeside International School, participant in WiSci STEAM camp Rwanda, Facilitated by GirlUp, sponsored by Michelle Obama.

“Momanyi epitomizes all the hallmarks of a great lifestyle and entertainment writer. And can undeniably pride himself in being the first African writer to work with top Hollywood director Hannah Lux Davis on a full blog feature.” – Yahya Gondosio, Editor, Campus Diary

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