Exclusive Interview With Bentley Nairobi General Manager Dimitrios Karakoulas

As I walk into the Porsche premises on Mombasa Road, I am anticipating an uptight atmosphere, but instead of that, I get a heartwarming welcome from receptionist. I am here to have a conversation with Dimitrios Karakoulas, the Chief Operations Officer of Multiple Group and General Manager of Bentley Nairobi.

I am calmly led to the lobby area, where I am served with a cup of hot chocolate and a selection of sleek auto magazines. Everyone is super friendly; I feel like royalty. By the time I leave the place, I get to learn one vital thing; that at the company, that customer experience is paramount…it is the most valued thing aspect of the business.

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I Spent Another Valentine’s Day Single But I Still Have Hope

Honestly, I don’t even wanna talk about it.

Let me give you the story behind this post. It’s pretty short.

Several days ago, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg updated us about his progress making an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program to somehow run his house; like in the movies?

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Having Had A Stellar Career At MTV And Google, Isis Nyong’o Madison Is Now Changing Lives Of Mothers In Kenya

In a world where the majority of technology innovation leaders are men, there’s unwarranted misogyny. But despite that, there always crops an intrepid, visionary and an amazingly sharp lady who beats the odds to create a brand that resonates across the board. The most common names we hear of are Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Elisabeth Holmes, the billionaire CEO of Theranos.

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