Barbadian Singer Amanda Reifer Drops Brand New Sizzling Video, “Haunt You”

Former Cover Drive front girl has been working hard in the studio to bring you new music. Her style is definitely different from what she used to give you alongside her former band members. Over the course of the last 7 months, the gorgeous, talented star has shared exciting, touching and very personal music.

In my recent interview with her for Business Insider Sub=Saharan Africa, Amanda opened up about her transitioning.

“The music I’m creating right now is unapologetic. It’s a little darker and more mature than the records I previously released with the band. It’s not all sunshine and smiles, but an honest expression of my experiences and thoughts as a young woman. My approach to writing right now is to be as candid as possible about my feelings and sometimes that means being more explicit than I have been in the past,: she revealed.

Her recent songs include “Girls Like Me” and “Ransom”, both of which are deep, thought provoking songs. They are definitely dark.

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Pisces baby birthday 🎈

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“Haunt You” is on the same vibe but has incorporated various musical elements to stand out. When I first listened to it, it started off like a mid-2000s rock song, went on to give me contemporary hip hop vibes, then a smooth transitioning to a pop flow with some 90’s R&B and mid 80’s soul sensation.

It is a beautiful, candid song and Amanda gave it her best vocal ability yet. The song speaks about a love interest that had gone missing but Amanda is adamant to find him. Here’s the super, super exotic video, which was directed by her former band mate, Jamar Harding.


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