Exclusive: Noti Flow Reveals Why She Would Never Collaborate With Any Gospel Artiste And Why She Doesn’t Have An American Accent

Over the last half a decade, Kenyan entertainer Noti Flow has risen exponentially to be a darling to many. Characteristic of her are endless surprises; one minute she is engulfed in controversy and the next she is on a reality TV show. Natalie Florence – as her national ID – reads is a versatile lady, from her sexual orientation to her talents. In the past, she has declared herself as being bisexual and her adoring millions of fans are OK with that.

In the recent times, the highlight of her career has been dating her fellow rapper Mustafa. The two seem inseparable. In fact, when I made a call to have a conversation with Noti, it was Mustafa who picked up to inform me that she was unavailable but I should check in later. The two are the self-proclaimed Jay Z and Beyoncé of Kenya, something which I brought up in our chat. It turns out the reason for the naming is actually very interesting. Read on to find out more.

The US – educated rapper has had a streak of success in the Kenyan entertainment scene, with as spill over recorded in Tanzania and other neighboring countries where she is constantly making waves. So, what is her view on relationships, collaborating with gospel musicians and…what’s her dream car?

Here’s our exclusive chat.

Harun Momanyi: You once admitted to have dated someone who bought you a car and later took after you two broke up. You must have learnt a lesson from that. What was it? By the way, what’s your current or dream car?

Noti Flow: Sure I did. Learnt a lot from it; always hustle for your own shit. My dream car is a Bentley.

Noti Flow and her boyfriend. Mustafa

H: You are in a very public relationship with Mustafa currently. In the past, you broke up with him after accusing him of being a cheater. In the past few weeks we’ve seen a Kenyan YouTube couple having a very nasty “break up” and got back together immediately afterwards. People quickly called it a publicity stunt. You being a controversial public figure, what do you feel about Instagram relationships?

N: I wouldn’t call my relationship with Mustafa an Instagram relationship. We’re just two people in love and not afraid to show the world that we love each other. We have nothing to hide. On the other hand if there’s ‘ Instagram relationships’ they’re not real and would eventually break up since social media has its own negativity. If y’all don’t truly love each other you’d definitely break up ‘cause there are some people who don’t love seeing others happy and they would make all negative comments about your relationship.

H: This is rather personal but, how would you compare how your current boyfriend is treating you to your exes? What’s so different that you chose to settle down with him?

N: Well, like I said Mustafa and I are public ‘cause we have nothing to hide. I like how proud he is of me and how he shows me off. Cheaters don’t like showing off their girlfriends ‘cause it would cause fracas with their other partners so it makes me trust him.

H: If you were to do a gospel track with an East African musician, who would it be?

N: I really can’t figure out a good gospel artist from East Africa; they all look like frauds to me.

H: Why do you feel that you and your boyfriend Mustafa are the Kenyan Beyoncé and Jay Z? Does it have anything to do with bank accounts?

N: Our age difference and loyalty is quite the same as that of Beyoncé & Jay-Z. It has nothing to do with our bank accounts.

H: What does your boyfriend do these days now that he is no longer releasing music? How does he bring food to the table?

N: He has his own hustles. I haven’t settled down with him yet so I can’t really figure out how he brings food to the table. He has his own house I have mine. Again, I’m only with him because I love him, not cause of what he brings to the table.

Noti Flow

H: Having studied in the United States and had major musical influence while there, what do you feel is the most American thing that has never left your soul?

N: Well mostly, my neither not-so-American nor African accent.  I’ve had a lot of critics talk about my accent but honestly I can’t change no matter how I try. Also my dress code, some find it too skimpy but I am comfortable with it. I do hard core hip-hop and I curse sometimes. I try a lot not to curse on radio or TV.

H: In just three words, how would you describe your current sex life?

N:  Amazing, hot mess.

H: Many people have crucified you in the past for allegedly lightening your skin. I would love to know…what has been your worst decision in your personal life so far and do you regret doing it?

N: I never regret anything in my life. I believe everything happens for a reason. There’s no coincidence.

H: Speaking of music, you once put it out there that you have ever spent 1 million shillings on a music video. Which project was this? Where did you get the money from?

N: “She Don’t know” – Myself featuring Raj. It was from my savings.

H: How soon should your fans expect new music from you Noti?

N: Really soon.

H: What has been the biggest secret to you constantly growing your brand?

N: Dedication and consistency.

H: You are not only a rapper but also an actress. In the past you have done various plays and even appeared on a reality TV show. What are some of the major roles you wish to have both on the small and big screen?

N: As an actress I can’t really choose roles I’d love to play. I’m able to play any role.

H: Finally, what’s the parting shot for your fans?

N: I love my fans. They’ve stood by me in everything – when I’m down and I when I’m up – and for that I will do my best to keep them entertained. I have new music coming soon. Keep it locked.


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