A Look Into Charlie’s Bistro, Nairobi’s Newest Premium Eatery & Lounge

Sponsored by Charlie’s Bistro

By now you should have realized that I have a penchant for everything luxury and epic. That’s exactly what I went looking for when I visited the newest, hottest hangout joint in Nairobi, Charlie’s Bistro.

I was crawling the web in search of new popping joints to explore with my friends when I bumped into it. Upon going through their social media, I instantly fell in love. Do you want to know what I felt attracted to? Read on…

Charlie’s Bistro is a premium eatery located in Nairobi’s Lang’ata area along Mbagathi highway in South End Mall, 5th floor. The restaurant was officially opened on 1st July this year, much to the excitement of Nairobians.

You may be wondering, why Charlie’s? The name of the lounge and décor are mainly influenced by the owner’s love for Charlie Chaplin who is a well known comic actor and filmmaker.

Charlie's Bistro Nairobi
The lovely decor at the lounge.

When I arrived, I was wowed by the interior design. It features his previous architectural likes and he is very present in the restaurant setting, decor and logo too. The lounge has a signature backdrop of a roundabout below and a panoramic view of the Nairobi skyline.

The designing process took more than a year as the owners had to do it over and over until they got it right. They were looking for a classy, chic yet not-so-intimidating look that the customers would definitely love. A common misconception amongst Kenyans is that a unique style directly translates into costly.

The first thing I noticed is the super colorful – near neon – cocktails that almost everyone was ordering. It is a spacious joint; you’ll never bump into someone while searching for space. It’s not your average lounge.

Charlie's Bistro Nairobi
Interior decor at Charlie’s Bistro

The inhouse music is strictly EDM, which makes the whole experience one of a kind. If you know the value of music, you’ll agree with me. Once you check in, you never want to leave. There’s no hustle and bustle…rowdiness is non-existent. If you are looking for a place to relax, have peace of mind while enjoying your drink, I just found the perfect one for you.

“Where words fail, music speaks.” — Hans Christian Andersen

This is the reason why they are a premium eatery that caters to the urban and hip clientele in Nairobi . They have a vast menu that has old recipes that incorporates a modern twist.

Charlie's Bistro Nairobi
View from Charlie’s Bistro

For my tasting, I had luscious, juicy chicken wings and mango juice. I went on to sample their signature cocktails. They were served in large, shapely and colorful glasses that took me hours to finish. For the main course, I had a wide choice of dishes. From the Spanish Grilled Fish to the Lebanese Meatballs to the Orange – Mustard Cuban Pork Chops. I settled for the super delicious lamb chops and mashed potatoes which were topped with veggies and yummy curry.

Once I posted nice pictures of the ambiance, the delicious looking dishes and noted that I was in the VIP area, my fans and friends instantly wanted to know where I was. Most of them said they would visit Charlie’s Bistro! The amount of work that went into creating the unmatched experience at the lounge deserves the positive feedback.

Throughout my stay, I sat the VIP section. It features a golf course theme, with the overhead lights beaming mildly. The attendants were dedicated to serve me like I was some pop music star. I couldn’t complain; I really enjoyed it.

Charlie's Bistro Nairobi
The VIP area.

I was informed that the menu would be re-invented in a few months as they expand. Talking of expansion, Charlie’s Bistro will also be offering accommodation!

Their cocktail bar is well stocked and they pride themselves in having unique cocktail combinations that are made fresh to order by their resident mixologist. You won’t be disappointed at all as their serving is also unique and stays true to their premium theme. Whether you want to order Moët & Chandon or sparkling red wine, they got you.

There’s a couple that ordered wine and stayed there for hours — at Charlie’s, you get treated right.

The restaurant is located at the rooftop and their clients are able to enjoy amazing views of the city and can change to cozy seating as soon as the weather becomes a bit unfavorable. Nairobi gets too cold at times and to get away from the chilly weather, the lounge is the best place to have fun with friends while keeping warm.

Charlie's Bistro Nairobi
Safari Sevens Cocktail at Charlie’s Bistro.

Their burgers are served Lebanese style which in time will translate to a full Lebanese menu. They also serve Italian cuisine.

Charlie's Bistro Nairobi
Italian Chicken Parmigiana

While there, I had the best stay. It was an amazing night! Here are some more visuals from the exotic lounge:


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