Meet Captain Iain, A 24-Year-Old Pilot Changing Lives In Kenya

We live in a partially retrogressive society where the bad tends to be encouraged more than the good. There are not enough exceptionally inspirational public figures to mentor our youth so that they can be the best they can be in life. Despite that, there are those hope instilling individuals who go out of there way and try to make the society a better place.

One of them is Captain Iain. The pilot, who’s an instructor at 99s Flying School in Nairobi has won the hearts of many. Through his awe inspiring Facebook videos that rake thousands of views, he reaches out to Kenyan youth with powerful, passionate messages.


When I discovered him, the impression I got is that of a person who is concerned about what Kenyan youth go through…from lack of direction to the need to excel in life. In his latest video, Captain Iain talks about how young people are misusing opportunities instead of using them to change lives.

“Our jobs are not there only to give us our basic needs. They are there for us to change other people’s lives; to improve ourselves. I see people chasing after money but can I tell you? Money will chase you if you do the right thing,” the articulate pilot stresses in the 5 minute video.

He says that he sees a lot people complaining that they do not earn enough and that they’ll only deliver according to the value of their remuneration. He advises young people not to be ignorant or arrogant at work because they earn a little.

“If you’re looking for a promotion, don’t just be myopic. We are very myopic as young people, to the point that we’re not seeing that if you work and give extra effort at our work places, so that when an opportunity pops up, it only comes for you,” he says.

Going forward, you should always concentrate on the final result of what you are passionate about, not personal gain…in the end, you’ll grow and also positively change other people’s lives.

Check out his latest video and be inspired!!


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