The Cost Of Dreaming Big

If you are an avid reader of my blog, you’ll notice that I always try and maintain one thing: a positive vibe all through my posts. Well, I was born to be a winner, and to continue achieving great things, I’ve had to ward off any negative energy coming my way.

I associate easily with people who dare to dream big. I know, most people try to single out those who think different because they want things that come easy. For example, in Kenya and other African countries, there has been a wave of what’s called “sponsors” or “blessers” (South Africa) where young girls take a short cut in life.

They ‘make use of their beauty’ to find old, rich men with whom they either settle down with or have kids with for the sake of a secure life. I remember when I was in high school, my BFF once told me that I will never set my foot in Hollywood, referencing the fact that Michael Jackson took decades to reach the pinnacle of his career.

Well, that has changed. I have not been to Los Angeles to be honest, but I am glad to have personally interviewed and made friends with top notch talent there. Think of music video director Hannah Lux Davis, who has worked with the likes of Nicki Minaj, Future, Tinashe, Drake and Ariana Grande. She was the sweetest thing ever. After our interview, she kept the conversation going and advised me on how to make it in Hollywood.

The video that Tinashe drops today (Friday, 12th August 2016), the “Superlove” video was made by her. I am sure you’ll love it!

tinashe superlove

Anyway, back to the main lesson: the cost of having ambition. There are many perks that come with being a dreamer. First, you outdo yourself and in the process, you discover your life purpose. You realize that you need to leave a mark that will be remembered by generations to come. In the process, you will get to meet amazing people who will appreciate your work and shower you with all sorts of praises, including ‘you truly inspire me.’ You become happy doing what you do.

However, as you know, success comes with a price. Your magnitude of success depends on how hard you’re willing to sacrifice life’s comforts for a better tomorrow. For me, I’ve had to forgo dating for instance. I basically never found a lady who had the same vision as me. They either wanted to associate with me because I am handsome or work in the media! LOL!

Be prepared to meet people who will shoot down your otherworldly ideas, just to make themselves feel better about their sorry lives. Be ready to meet people who will offer to work with you on grand projects, only to abandon you when you’ve already invested your mindset and all of your energy to working with them.

In fact, that happened to me recently. I thought I could help a friend work on a REALLY amazing idea, only to end up being trashed emotionally and felt downsized. The best thing about me (you should adopt it too) is that I have thick skin. Never let anyone take credit for your success or try to make you a failure. With that in mind, be careful of the kind of people you choose to take with you on your journey to success.

Another sacrifice you’ll have to make in order to achieve your goals is to be broke while investing in your mind. Spend all your resources seeking knowledge and wisdom. As I type this, it’s 5.30 AM and I was networking for the past two hours; finding new people to interview and gaining new life skills by reading. A gorgeous from Trinidad agreed to be featured on my fashion and lifestyle blog. It is humbling because the same blog helped me get admitted to a fashion class at Parsons School of Fashion, the best in USA, back in May. I spent a lot on that class. A lot. As other people my age are busy partying and filling their closets, I am busy developing my mind. I think different.

aloe blacc harun momanyi
With “Wake Me Up” singer Aloe Blacc when he visited Kenya. I never imagined I would meet him.

I know, this sounds crazy but it’s worth it. I spent a lot of my savings to learn about blogging, videography, entrepreneurship, entertainment business and dozens of other disciplines and I am glad I am where I am today. It will soon pay. I’ve seen it happen with the people who inspire me. Justin Bieber spent his early fame days uploading to Youtube and that way, his manager Scooter Braun discovered him. Look at where he is today. The biggest pop star on the planet.

You’ll fall in love with a really pretty and smart lady but you’ll get rejected because you are seemingly broke. That’s cool. They say hugs and kisses cannot pay bills, which is true. When your time comes, you’ll find someone who treasures you the way you are. If you are lucky to find someone who’s supportive all the way, keep them.

The other sacrifice I’ve had to make is to be a good guy. I never tried drugs or went to strippers clubs (which people feel obliged to do so as to prevent future tendencies) and that’s fine with me. I feel that I don’t want my state of mind to be interrupted. I don’t need to prove that I went through a stage and from it I grew up. According to science, women tend to fall in love with the ‘bad guys’, and this has affected me relationship-wise, once again. I know it’s a cliché but it’s true. You may laugh at this, but it has saved me a lot of money…which actually went to developing my mind – growing my knowledge.

wangechi kenya harun momanyi
With rapper Wangechi. She worked with RnB singer Ne-Yo on a song for Coke Studio Africa. She’s one of the most open minded but focused people I know.

The most important sacrifice that you need to make is to keep pushing man. It feels bad failing often but out of it comes the great things. I’ll tell you something for free. Before I became a lifestyle and entertainment writer with Mpasho News, now the biggest entertainment website in Kenya, I applied for hundreds of jobs with no avail. I tried journalism fellowships but I only got “Nos”. From the experience, I learnt to be patient. While you wait, keep on developing your mind. Learn as much as you can about your field of interest. Be it modeling, music, dance…anything.

I’ll give you a perfect example of someone I interviewed. Kim “Toshi” Davidson is a celebrity dancer. I discovered him in 2014. He waited for many years before he got a chance to tour with Jason Derulo. Last year, he performed with Taylor Swift for her 1989 tour. This year, as I type this actually, he’s on the road with Selena Gomez for her Revival Tour. See? He’s now even friend with these amazing people!

Kim Toshi Davidson
Kim with his friends Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. He’s one of the most amazing people I’ve worked with.

Make the right choice. Be the best you can be by being principled; remain consistent with working on your goals and above all, put God first.


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