Sense8 Actor Paul Ogola Featured On DW TV

“You have given us more than we expected,” The Wachowskis, creators of The Matrix, Jupiter Ascending, Cloud Atlas & Sense8.

They were saying this to Paul Ogola, who previously featured prominently in Nairobi Half Life – his most iconic role of a thug. It was when they first got acquainted before he started acting in Sense8, a popular Netflix Series. He revealed that in his interview with DW. I watched the touching interview which he shared on his social media earlier today. I must say this guy is going places.

What I like about him is that he’s open minded and really sharp. I had an opportunity to interview him back in July 2015. It was an honor. Ogola isn’t reluctant to recognize the immense talent that Kenya harbors. He highlighted Lupita Nyong’o and Edi Gathegi who have managed to stage stellar careers in Hollywood.

In my feature on him, he said that he was lucky to act alongside Maze Runner actor Alm Ameen, who is a fast-rising thespian.

“It was one great time working with Aml, I experienced professionalism and gained a lot of skills from him. We use to meet up before the shoot just to rehearse our scenes and help him with some Kenyan accent lesson…About what he said about my work; charismatic, powerful, authentic, natural and brother you should start learning American accent,” he revealed.

Watch Ogola’s interview with DW and read my interview with him on Mpasho News.



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