I Spent Another Valentine’s Day Single But I Still Have Hope

Honestly, I don’t even wanna talk about it.

Let me give you the story behind this post. It’s pretty short.

Several days ago, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg updated us about his progress making an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program to somehow run his house; like in the movies?

It made me remember that AI scientist from Taiwan, who believed in my talent and let me host my science fiction story “Colors” on his website.

I mean…he was super impressed by my story about mind control pills. The story is set in 2045, present day Germany and the subject is a woman who is undergoing depression.

She uses a pill but unexpectedly is taken to another realm…where alien invasion is ongoing.

I believe such kinda pills will be available someday.

I thank him because he was humble enough to encourage me to have an international perspective of my writing. I may have taken too long to embrace it but it’s because I was facing immense challenges.

Hooman Samani has been featured on BBC, Wired, Gizmodo, Tech Crunch and major international tech review sites.

He makes robots with the ability to love. You can Google him. I posted this because Valentine’s Day.

I’m thinking, if robots can love, why not me? I have hope 🙂

(Most girls don’t want a guy who’s busy building a better future, they want ready made…hence my ‘singleness’)

Read this interview he had with Huffington Post and download the ebook on Hooman’s website.

Photo: Johnny Depp in the 2014 science fiction movie Transcendence.


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