How I Got To Interview Taylor Swift’s Best Friend And Dancer At Age 20

All my teenage life, I was always a big Taylor Swift fan. I loved her country music vibe. I had a collection of almost all her songs. My holiday breaks from school needed me to listen to some relaxing and inspiring music and that’s how I got to love Taylor. Well, I had Miranda Cosgrove, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber on my playlist but my love for Taylor? Indescribable. One of my favorite songs of hers was and will always be “The Other Side Of The Door.”

I did not know that one day I would come this close to her: interviewing someone who has now become her best friend. A few months to the interview, I was an editorial assistant at Destination Magazine. It was a fun job! You see, the monthly covers were Hollywood celebrities.

I remember listening to Liv Tyler’s voice first hand and helping edit the feature! Remember her as Arwen Undómiel from Lord of the Rings? Then came Matthew McConaughey. He won an Oscar last year. That same month (November) he was on the cover of GQ! The feature was done when the Interstellar vibe was still hot. McConaughey’s recent SNL performance alongside Adele was mind-blowing!

By the time I was doing the interview, I had left the editorial role and taken on my current job. I discovered Kim “Toshi” Davidson through Jason Derulo. He wished him a happy birthday on his Facebook page. I was following the singer’s world tour; the Tattoos World Tour. I was particularly thrilled by the fact that he performed in South Africa.

Still shot of Kim “Toshi” Davidson with Jason Derulo during a performance last year

I reached out to Kim via Facebook, a few weeks after he accepted my request. It was around the same time I got to know Amy Allen, Jason Derulo’s Choreographer. I requested for a quick interview and whoa! In between his tour breaks and traveling, I had a full audio conversation in 24 hours! All thanks to Facebook Messenger. It all happened a few days to my 21st birthday.

I got to learn that he was discovered by Amy around three years before. He was one of the dancers in Jason’s “The Other Side” music video. He’s the one who is rocking a hooded jacked in the montage.

As if that’s not enough, Kim also got to be part of the “Wiggle” music video which features Snoop Dogg. In this screen grab, he is the guy on the right of Jason.

Wiggle main

They have been pals for a long time.

Kim also got to talk about being best friends with Jason and goofing around with Jordin Sparks on Instagram. The one thing I liked about Kim is the fact that he’s super humble and proud to be black, unlike those dudes who become stars and abandon their identity. He gave me a clear vision of what it is like being a celebrity and being friends with a celebrity.

Kim at the Ellen Degeneres show

Jason jokes that he is Lionel Richie’s son (something that I believed for quite sometime) but I got to find out that it is not actually true. He resembles the legendary singer a lot. Kim credits Amy for his breakthrough.

She discovered him. For Jason, they hit the gym together, watch movies together…they’re pretty much like brothers. In case you are wondering who this girl called Amy is, she is the lady who trains Hilary Duff to dance in her video for “My Kind”. She is such a sweetheart. You should read my interview with Toshi to know how they met!

This year, he was contracted to be one of the dancers supporting Taylor Swift for her 1989 tour. At the time I was writing this, they were on the road in Australia and the audience  was 76K strong.

The audience in Sydney was 76K strong. Even Taylor took to social media to express gratitude. Date: 28th Nov 2015

Kim was recently highlighted in the media when Taylor Swift donated 50,000 dollars to his ailing niece’s treatment. It shows how close they are now. The exceptionally talented dancer took to social media to appeal for help from his close friends and family to help his niece (who had been sadly diagnosed with cancer) get medication.

The two are still on tour and it was a complete surprise that Swift donated.

Whenever I watch “Bad Blood” and see the Tay Squad slay it alongside Kendric Lamar, I feel blessed. I am lucky and privileged to have worked with someone who has gotten Swift’s approval.

Kim (standing next to Taylor Swift) during one of the 1989 shows

Back in July 2014, Taylor wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal. It said “The Future Of Music Is Like A Love Story.” In the story, she told a tale about how positive she is about the music industry, despite the various challenges artists face – from low loyalties to piracy.

She kept true to her word when she attacked Apple for trying to ‘milk artists and not pay them,’ something that made a big impact in the global entertainment scene.

The tour ends next month (December) and I cannot wait to see what Kim’s next project will be. He has been to Japan, Australia, South Africa, toured the whole of United States…and all this happened because he believed in his ability.

Kim (in Piira cap) chilling with Taylor Swift and the dance crew

Read the inspiring interview on Mpasho News, the leading lifestyle and entertainment news website in Kenya.


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