I Met Microsoft’s Global CEO Satya Nadella And I Can’t Stop Thinking About It!

When Satya Nadella became the CEO for Microsoft, I read up everything about him. I learnt that he had been heading a software division of the company prior to taking on leadership of one of the most iconic companies of global significance. I read his emails to employees as reported by top technology sites.

By the way I am a big fan on tech and innovation and I love reading Wired, Mashable, Inc, Fortune, The Verge, CNET, CNN Tech, Bloomberg Business, Forbes and other top sites that report on this industry.

When the CEO tweeted that he was in the country for the launch of Windows 10, I could not believe it! I reached out to one of my amazing friends who work at Microsoft East and Southern Africa for a press pass to the event which was to happen at Arboretum the next day. She confirmed that I was welcome to attend the next morning.


To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to attend this event since I was super-exhausted. Thankfully, by 4.00 pm I had gotten enough sleep and was ready to take on the event. This was going to be huuuge!

At the event, Elani performed. It was really great since I had interviewed them a year before. They gave me a chance to interview them even before I entered the mainstream media.

Then after an overview of the new Windows 10 build which was done by the country CEO Kunle Awosika, Satya came to the podium and greeted the audience in Swahili. He went on to say what was unique about the new Windows release and how it would impact the tech world.


“It is built for this era of personal computing. If one thing is gonna be true in the years to come, we’re gonna have more computing with us. We’re gonna have sensors, PCs, tablets. holographic computing…and Windows 10 is built for all the devices in our lives,” he said.

I was excited to take pictures of him, the attendees – who were stakeholders in the tech world, business leaders, entrepreneurs and more and the demonstrations of the OS on devices!

The #Windows10 launch in Sydney, Australia:


I’ll always treasure this day.

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