5 Valuable Lessons I Learnt From Interviewing MTV MAMA 2015 Winner Yemi Alade

Sometime back in August, I got to host BET 2015 Award nominee Nigerian singer Yemi Alade for an interview with Mpasho News. She was visibly happy being in Kenya; she has been her a couple times before, did a media tour and has since been a household name.

Her hit song “Johnny” propelled her to fame such that she is now one of the best female artistes in Africa.

Yemi was dressed in classic jeans, donned on a black top, some cool glasses and a maasai themed lesso. It was a rather chilly morning in the capital. After her on air session with Kiss FM’s Adelle, I got to have a sit down with her. It was a humbling moment since I got a hold of her while she is still hot.

Recently, she has released a hit song dubbed “Na Gode “ with singer Selebobo. Yemi tells me that it is a song that is meant to thank God for the things he has offered to us; life, food, water…just the basic needs we need to survive. There are many people out there who would want the same but they cannot.

Yemi Alade and I after the brief sit down.

It is a really good song. Yemi never ceases to impress. That is why she won at the MTV MAMAs in Durban, South Africa, alongside the likes of P-Square, comedian Trevor Noah, fellow singer Davido and American rapper Nicki Minaj.

Click here to read the lessons I learnt from my hangout with here!


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