“I Despise Failing And Regrets,” Groove Award Nominated Dj Tabz Takes You Behind The Scenes On What Her Life Is All Bout

She’s one of the most prolific female Dj’s in Kenya. At such a young age, Tabitha Githere AKA DJ Tabz has managed to achieve what most youth her age wouldn’t have been able to. Tabz comes across as a humble, spiritual and visionary young lady who is bound to be the leading Gospel DJ in Kenya. This year, she has been nominated for the Talent To Watch category in the prestigious Groove Awards. To vote for her, SMS the word “GROOVE” followed by the her code 16f to 811. I talked to her about her journey as an artiste and her vision for her career in the immediate future:

Me: What was your inspiration into venturing into Dj’ing instead of doing something else…say acting?

Dj Tabz: I’ve always had an interest for music. In fact before I became a Dj I was a musician but that’s not quite where my passion lay so while still in high school I started gaining passion for Dj’ing. I used to admire Dj Mo and Sadic and with time I settled for it.

Me: You’re a big inspiration to young people out there…what are some of the problems that you know they face in terms of career development and how can they leverage online resources for their betterment?

Dj Tabz: I believe the biggest challenge that most young people face and which I also experienced for a while is the failure to discover your talent. It’s frustrating especially when you finish high school and your peers are bettering themselves with their talents and you’re left stranded. The pressure from your parents and society gets to you so most of the youth end up engaging in activities they don’t have an interest in or they waste very many years jumping from one career to another. First, I’d encourage a person to just sit down reflect on their past interests like what is it that you loved doing at some particular point in your life? Is it something you can do now? If you’re not sure how to go about it go online, research about it, find out how you can better your talent probably by going to school or getting some form of training on it. Nowadays you can find everything and anything online.

Me: What’s your vision for the next five years?

Dj Tabz: Dj’ing is one career that can take years to develop. If you look at all the top Djs in the country you’ll notice that they all began quite a while back, 5years and more ago. So if I have come this far within a span of almost three years then by the next 5years I’ll have outdone myself. That’s my main goal ‘cause I believe God has put a lot of potential in me so if in the next five years I am meant to be one of the biggest Djs in the world, then I want to go beyond that and probably be a legend instead.

Me: Tabz, what do you do for fun when free?

Dj Tabz: I love hanging out with myself. My quiet time is my best time. I get to read, watch a lot of television, reflect on how far I’ve come and how far I want to go. This is the time I get to make most of my plans. I also love hanging out with my friends and family. That’s basically it!

Me: How has it been being mentored by Dj Mo, one of the best Dj’s in the country?

Dj Tabz: I used to ponder a lot about which Dj academy I’ll go to after high school. Each year from form two I had a different academy that I wanted to go to until finally I settled for System Unit. To be honest I thought I was just gonna be trained get the certificate then just move on with life. But one thing Dj Mo told me that no one had ever told me was that I have great potential and that not utilizing that potential would be a big failure on my part (I despise failing and regrets). He discovered something in me that even I had not discovered. From that day, if I have no hope that I can do something but Dj Mo tells me I can do it, then I believe I can and I follow what he tells me. That’s how a mentor is supposed to be. They should see in you what even you can’t see in yourself. If you wanna be the best then you have to learn from the best, everything he does I do too cause I want to be the best like him.

Me: Who do you look up to, locally and internationally?

Dj Tabz: It’s quite sad that there are no female Djs in Kenya to look up to but I look upto the future Dj Tabz because I believe she will be what I so long to be now.

Me: What’s your advice for young upcoming artistes?

Dj Tabz: Dear artist, if clearly you have no talent in something, then please don’t do it. Personally I do not have a talent in singing, I recorded two songs in high school and they were not up to standard so I quit cause that’s not where my strengths lie. Just cause many people are doing music-related work and are getting a lot of money out of it does not mean that the same applies to you. Figure out your own strength instead.For those who’ve discovered their strength is music then press on, don’t give up. Stop rushing yourself and comparing yourself to others. You are not them and you never will. Be patient and instead of complaining, giving up or getting jealous of others, use that time to feed your own career. For upcoming gospel artists, if you want to do gospel music to become famous, stop it cause the gospel of God is meant to benefit others first. Christ died that we may be saved not that He may be glorified. Glorification comes from God, if it is His will, then you’ll become famous but sing cause you’re singing unto God. Follow Dj Tabz on Instagram and on Twitter to get updates on what she’s up to! Take a look at some of her photos:

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