After Driving In Fast Cars In Asia, Miss Tourism Kenya Is Back With A Bang [Interview]

Anna0It was in 2013 when Anna Wuganga won the Miss Tourism Kenya pageant, bringing the beauty from Taita Taveta into national limelight. She comes across as a smart, humble and interesting lady. I met her during the pageant’s delegation at the United Nations that year, and from my interaction with her, I clicked something – she stood out from the crowd.A few weeks later, the competition, which was being televised by K24, came to a close with an affirmation of my thoughts. A year later, I caught up with her and she shared about her recent trip to Malaysia to represent Kenya in the pageant finals.

Despite the fact that Miss Tourism Venezuela won the beauty contest, Anna tells me that she has brought back loads of multi-cultural and social lessons that she’ll apply towards the building of this nation.The contest seeks to promote the local tourism industry, which has had a difficult time especially with insecurity looming in the country over the last few years. Her colleague, Sianto Marley, who was Miss Tourism Kenya 2014 won  Miss Tourism Continental Queens of Beauty crown recently. Here’s what she had to tell me:

Me: So Anna, you were recently in Malaysia for the Miss Tourism Internationally finals, how was the experience, what did you learn and who won the pageant?

Anna: I learnt that beauty comes in different shapes and colors and sizes…and I made new friends. We flew to an island called langkawi,we went on a watch,went. On cable cars up a mountain…Went to a theme patk…Got to drive electric cars. We also got to be in McLaren P1’s!

Me: That’s huge!

Anna: We got to experience the local cuisine and saw many of the local attractions.

Me: What’s the best thing you got to learn from Miss Malaysia?


Anna: Miss Malaysia was a very friendly girl and we became good friends. I think what she taught me best was tolerance of other people and their beliefs and practices.

Me: So, what’s your next step after the Malaysian visit?

Anna: I am back to uni now, also involved with some green energy and sustainable development programs. So in a nutshell my next step is to grow as a person and use the experiences I have acquired and use them to better the nation.

Me: Do you feel a huge difference from the experience?

Anna_WuirAnna: Yes yes. The whole Miss Tourism experience has grown me. I shortchanged in some respects.

Me: Do you think that your future career will be more into tourism other than your studies?

Anna: As of now I’m not sure but I am interested in the tourism industry.

Me: What’s the best thing that has happened to you in your life?

Anna: I think everyday has its merits and every day I’m alive is a blessing.

Me: Did you ever imagine you would be Miss Tourism Kenya?

Anna: No of course not,I’m just the girl next door so I was pleasantly surprised.

Me; Talking of fashion…what’s your style?

Anna: Simple, classy and timeless.

Read the rest of the interview at Mpasho News.


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