There’s always another option!

Taylor Swift on Marie Claire UK cover (November 2012)
Taylor Swift on Marie Claire UK cover (November 2012)

Sometimes it is better not to give up but find an alternative to your challenge. Even though the battle may not be worth it, there’s always a way to leave with something. This is a personal experience that always reminds me not to give up.

25th Jul 2013

I was really looking forward to getting published by Marie Claire UK during their Debut Novel Award in conjunction with ​Harper Collins ​UK ​but then I realized that the writing competition was for UK and Ireland. My heart sunk. I wanted to let go, but I realized that making new friendships out of nearly impossible situations-being casual when need be-is worth it. I didn’t know much about novel publications like I do now. I’m still learning. If you are a writer who’d want to go the conventional way and would want your book to be the next Hunger Games, here’s what Lucy told me:

“The best advice I can offer is to find an agent.”​​

It sounds blunt right? But that’s not the only lesson I got. Making and keeping contacts will help you three years down the line 🙂


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