Iman Mueke: I Want To Be Better Than I Was Yesterday

Cover May 10th 2014

You probably have seen her on television, YouTube, Billboards and read her on newspapers. Iman Mueke is a young girl who’s just starting her journey in the corporate world . She’s amazing in the Safaricom M-Shwari Lock Savings Account advert. Safaricom is a leading telecommunications company in East Africa and has over three thousand employees. In 2013, it made over 1 billion US dollars in profits. For the company to trust Iman as the face of the advertisement, she must have stood out. Iman currently works.

She started modeling as a kid, think of internationally acclaimed supermodel Kate Moss, Ashton Kutcher, Step Up actor Channing Tatum, and Jennifer Lopez. She is CEO of a modeling agency, D’Clique Management and is a is a senior model casting assistant at Invogue Models Kenya Ltd. She’s beautiful, humble and focused in life. She is always posting inspirational stories and stories on her Instagram and Facebook. I talked with her about modeling, inspiration, career and entrepreneurship and here’s what she had to say.Me: Tell us a about you, who is Iman Mueke?

Iman: Iman Mueke is a talented, young Kenyan lady with great ambition. She loves fashion and has engaged in commercial modeling for 13 years now. She is bubbly, has sense of humor, loves cooking and traveling. 🙂

Me: You run a fashion modeling agency, at a young age! How does it feel having achieved all this while young? What did it take you to do it?

Iman: I believe in making your foundation while young and enjoy the fruits later. I thank God for the far He has seen me through, all challenges, all efforts and support. I did it to give me and other people a chance in life to explore something new and fun. Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas but what makes it new is the way you put it together.

Me: You’re known to be an optimist, full of energy and passion to get things done…what inspires you to keep you going?

Iman: Wow! What keeps me going? Um… I’d say my inner motivation, positive attitude and the forever tune in my head “You don’t always get something that you want, keep trying and reach for it”

Me: Tell us about your typical work day

Fashion May 31st 2014

Iman: Well, my days are hectic but I’d rather have it that way than idling around. I’m always at work by 9am till late nights. I’m a personal assistant to a very hardworking lady; she is the only active existing Casting Director in Kenya. I work as a Senior Casting Assistant for commercials, a production company (production of adverts). I’m working on my new cloth line coming up soon. So, on a typical day I can work like 4 people in a day.

Me: You recently featured in a massive Safaricom’s M-Shwari advert; it is all over the newspapers, social media, television stations and radio stations? How did you bag the deal, ‘cause Safaricom is the biggest telecoms company in East Africa and it pioneered the globally acclaimed money transfer service M-Pesa?

Iman: I simply went for auditions and managed to bag the deal…it’s been an amazing deal for me and I love the advert. (I never skip ads this days on you-tube) hahaha. I’ve done many adverts before but this was my best!!

Me: How was the reaction from people around you and those that you meet?

Iman: Some recognize me and I receive glances, some stop and ask me about it. I always advice them to join and they can land the same opportunity.

Me: What makes you stand out the crowd?

Iman: I’m very humble I’d say, I don’t lift my chest or chose who to talk to for achieving what I have. I’m a go-getter and what makes me achieve it, is the fact that am patient and I pray a lot 🙂 I believe I’m beautiful too and I love it!

Me: What’s that fashion accessory you can’t do without?

Iman: My Geneva and Hermes watch!

Fashion May 31st 2014

Me: What’s your favorite music and artist locally and internationally?

Iman: Tricky! I love soft rock I don’t have any specific fave music. The artists…I love Ed-Sheeran and Avril Lavigne.

Me: What does it take to be successful in the modeling industry?

Iman: You have to be patient, have to learn how to listen, have to keep time, have to research, have to believe in yourself, have to be humble, have to have the passion drive, have to be presentable, have to learn how to take no as an answer sometimes 🙂

Me: What are the challenges that you’ve faced so far in the modeling industry?

Iman: There are a lot of challenges to face but the main one is cons in the industry. People who lie to you and get money out of you for false promises.

Me: Do you have a mentor?

Iman: Yes. My manager Mr.Swabir he’s a motivation, he inspires, he supports and guides me.

Me: How do you juggle busy life and work time?

Iman: Honestly, I’m learning how to balance both but I always have time for my family and fiancé doesn’t matter what I’m up to.

Me: What’s your greatest life principle?

Iman: I have 7 life principles but my greatest one is freedom-enjoying the desire and power to do what is right, rather than claiming the privilege to do what I want. Regaining ground surrendered to sin brings moral purity.

Me: Tell us about that one embarrassing moment that you’ll never forget.

Iman: To be honest, never faced one or rather maybe I can’t remember but I think it’s because I have always been cautious of what I do.

Me: Between runway and street fashion modeling, which one works best for you?

Iman: I prefer runway modeling 🙂

Fashion May 31st 2014

Me: Which fashion icon would you want to meet dead or alive?

Iman: LADY GAGA!!!! Not that I would wear what she wears but I’d love to ask a million and one questions.

Me: What’s the best gift someone has ever given you?

Iman: Best gift…LOVE!!!

Me: What are your future plans for your career?

Iman: To be better than yesterday.

Me: There are many young people out there who wanna be entrepreneurs or venture into the modeling industry; your story really inspires them. What would you like to tell them on how they can go about it?

Iman: Always do your research, be confident, know the right people, never give up (you will fall so many times) and be you.

You can watch her perform in the advert below:


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