My OLX Experience



My OLX experience



Online Exchange (OLX) is more than just an online e-commerce platform that enables people to market their stuff. It offers endless life-changing opportunities, empowerment and the success stories that are aired on TV by the users are a source of inspiration. I came to know OLX when I was in high school. Back then we just had feature phones which did not have an amazing user experience.

OLX, which was started in March 2006 by Internet entrepreneurs Fabrice Grinda and Alec Oxenford and operates in more than 40 countries including South Africa, Bulgaria and Portugal. It provides people with a simple-to-use economic solution to their marketing and shopping needs. People can also discuss topics and meet up by organizing events. It is easy to work in terms of uploading video and pictures. It is easy to integrate with social media so the wider reach of potential customers is a reason why everyone looking for online marketing solution should use the platform.

I am a freelance writer and OLX Kenya has helped me build my career in a way I did not imagine. Earlier this year I posted a job request and within two days I had gotten calls from prospective clients who needed content for their websites. OLX provides a friendly interface that provides excellent privacy options. I also love the fact that the coverage is tailored to tackle various user needs.

When I got to negotiate nicely with the client, I did the job for them and gained experience with digital content creation. I cited the testimonies on my blog and even got more clients and people who believed in my work and were willing to support me. The money I got supported me as a part-time earning. Posting online needs Internet connection and some of my gig money helped fund this.

I have since tweaked the perspective of my blog and got to interview local and international celebrities to provide inspirational stories to youth who look up to them but they don’t have close access to them. Some of them include Capital FM presenter Anita NderuDRC rapper-singer Innoss’B whose mentor is Grammy Award nominee and BET award winner AKON, Zambian president’s daughter Stella SataKenya’s top band Elani as well as one of arguably Kenya’s top rappers. All these have inspired young people to work hard on their dreams as they cover entrepreneurship, talent development and overcoming life-challenges.

I’ve also won awards and appreciation, such as being NUHA Foundation Global Blogging Prize 2013 finalist and top 17 globally in the 2014 UNESCO-World Genesis Foundation ‘The Future of Education” Youth Essay Contest. I am currently interning for a leading lifestyle magazine in East Africa and I thank OLX for providing the chance for me to grow. I also urge guys to make use of this platform to make their lives better!

Harun Momanyi is a blogger who talks tells positive stories about Africa, by youth across the globe and is into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). He’s passionate about pop culture and futurism. He’s an information junkie and tennis lover.


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