Inspirational Easter: Capital Fm’s Anita Nderu talks success, business and when to quit for the better

She came into the limelight as the maiden female presenter of the addictive teen talk show Teen Republik on NTV, a national television station in Kenya. She’s been an inspiration to many, breaking the odds to be an achiever all the way. She’s is a trend setter, a youth mentor, a voice over artist, a news presenter at Capital FM and most recently been doing good with her bakery start up! She’s even done an advert project for the Coca Cola company in the recent past. Her most recent youth mentoring project was at BuruBuru girls’ high school in Nairobi.

Anita Nderu was born in Eldoret, schooled there, went to Vienna College in Namugongo, Uganda before joining United States International University (USIU) in Nairobi. Her other names are Lola, Gacheri and Njeri!

Having joined the radio station that has in the past launched the careers of notable media personalities both locally and internationally, she’s got an amazing future ahead. They include CNN’s Zain Verjee, whom she got to interview on the show-along with co-host Anto Neosoul, Joey Muthengi who’s a VJ with South Africa’s Channel O, Gimmy Gathu who recently interviewed President Uhuru Kenyatta in pure slang and Radio Africa’s Caroline Mutoko.

Zain Verjee got to interview her and Anto Neosoul on CNN.

CNN's Zain Verjee, hailing from Nairobi. She's made it big in the newsroom.
CNN’s Zain Verjee, hailing from Nairobi. She’s made it big in the newsroom. Image Credit:

I had a chat with her on what she’s been up to lately and her future plans. Find out what she has to say about entrepreneurship, starting an online business and her advice to her fellow youth!

Me: You did exceptionally great on television while anchoring Teen Republik. How has been radio been so far for you?

Anita: I absolutely love it! Every day is a challenge, news is always interesting; the people and stories I have encountered through it? Unbelievable! But most of all Capital Fm is a wonderful place to work.

Me: You’re known to have a unique fashion which adds up on your ever bubbly personality; what’s the secret to that?

Anita: Cute shoes! They are the foundation of everything I wear! But also wearing outfits that reflect how I feel and what impact I intend to make or what impression I’m trying to create. Life is too short to wear boring clothes.

Anita was assistant producer, show host and fashion trend critic on NTV's Teen Republik
Anita was production assistant, show host and fashion trend critic on NTV’s Teen Republik

Me: How was your fashion business and why did you quit it?

Anita: My goodness! That is something I might never venture into again! I hate convincing people to buy things that are great! Some needed extreme convincing bordering on pleading (which I loathe), self esteem boosting, goodness I was practically becoming a psychiatrist who sells clothes! Not my scene. So out I went.

Me: What’s your take on entrepreneurship as a source of sustainable income? Why should our fellow youth give it a shot?

Anita: There isn’t room for all of us to be employed! The mentality of go to school ,get a degree in an already saturated profession or not, look for a job, get married, have kids, then wait to die, ENDED. People already overdid that and filled that vacuum, now we need entrepreneurs! The younger, the thirstier for success, the more innovative and energetic the better. Many wants and needs have no businesses that meet them. Start businesses (quit copycatting your fellow youth) that will satisfy those wants and needs. Build your country into a first world 5 star country and economy!

Me: Which was your lowest career moment and how did you handle it?

Anita: Definitely when I was looking to enter the media industry and I sent my C.V left right and centre and I heard nothing back, not even a rejection letter. Well I figured it wasn’t for me and I began looking for other forms of business to get into. In life that is what you do! Because everything happens at its own time and sometimes it’s not for you, sitting around and sulking will not put food on the table. Pucker up and move on.

Me: Tell us about your baking business; what’s the fun part, how do you get your clients?

Baking is her passion. Image credit: Royal Bakery
Baking is her passion.
Image credit: Royal Bakery

Anita: Omydays baking! I love it! There is nothing more satisfying than making people’s stomachs swoon! I love everything about it cause I bake with a lot of love and creativity flowing not forgetting the best of every ingredient so it makes me feel good somehow J social media is where I get my clients, My work and quality speaks for itself; God and sweet tooth’s keep clients coming and coming back.

Me: It’s interesting that you’ve put your business online, more amazingly on Instagram! A baking business on Instagram? Wow, how did you come up with the marketing idea and how has been the reception given that Instagram is an awesome photo sharing platform?

Anita: I love instagram! And I love to share the things that I love, somehow though ended up becoming where most of my clients come from, the reception has been greater than I ever expected!

Me: What are your future plans in the next 5 years?

Anita: A bakeress with a physical bakery, a great news reader, a fabulous talk show hostess, still a youth mentor and a home owner. God willing 🙂

Me: Who has been your biggest inspiration?

Anita: My mother! Cliché? But true! And fear of being broke, I would be devastated.

Anita Nderu:  Forget procrastination. It will be the beginning of your failure. Image credit:
Anita Nderu: “Forget procrastination. It will be the beginning of your failure.” Image credit:

Me: There are young people out there who love you for your work and would appreciate a word of encouragement as to how to go about developing their talents and making it like you did it; what would you like to tell them?

Anita: If you dream it? It is an action away, hours of hard work away, some sleepless nights away, failure and rising up again away, passion of unfathomable amounts away and a vision that is neither deterred by negativity or oppression. Greatness awaits you! But most of all everything happens in God’s time; if it hasn’t happened yet? It is not yet time or maybe it just isn’t meant for you. But do not use that as an excuse! You do your best then let God do the rest! So have you done your best? Forget procrastination. It will be the beginning of your failure.

As Taylor Swift puts it, unique and different is the new generation of beautiful, Anita has shown us that all can be done-she’s broken gender barriers and joined the women of color who have excelled in leadership. We do wish her the very best in her future endeavors! You can follow her Instagram, Twitter and subscribe to her Facebook page to get the latest from her!

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