Opportunity to be a Student Ambassador for Firefox OS



Firefox OS ambassador banner
Firefox OS ambassador banner

Know Mozilla:Mozilla is a global community with a mission to put the power of the Web in people’s hands. The nonprofit has been engaged in this venture for more than 15 years and is focused on creating open standards to enable innovation and advance the web as a platform for all.

What is an operations system?

An operating System (OS) is an intermediary between users and computer hardware. It provides users an environment in which a user can execute programs conveniently and efficiently.

In technical terms, it is software which manages hardware. An operating System controls the allocation of resources and services such as memory, processors, devices and information. In other terms, an operating system is a program that acts as an interface between the user and the computer hardware and controls the execution of all kinds of programs.

OS Tutorial by tutorialspoint.com

Firefox OS Student Ambassador itinerary!
Firefox OS Student Ambassador itinerary!

When we talk of the Firefox OS, it is a new mobile operating system developed by Mozilla, and based on Linux and the Gecko engine that powers Firefox. It is open source software, which means that it is freely accessible to anyone. This allows developers to create products associated with it, for the market place or app store thus creating jobs. Mozilla Firefox the web browser developed by Mozilla is also an excellent example of how the team has been working to make sure that browsing the Web is an amazing experience that is life changing in terms of connectivity, opportunity creation and building of the future.

A Web Browser is a program or software application that is used to locate, retrieve and display content of the World Wide Web including web pages, images, video and other files. Mozilla wants you as a student to be part of their amazing efforts to make the Web easy to access for all. The team would want you to be their ambassador for the Firefox OS, an incredibly amazing innovation that brings a different user experience to your devices. It seeks to unleash the future by offering openness, accessibility and opportunity. The partners for the OS market place include: Telefonica, Qualcomm, ZTE, LG , Alcatel One Touch, Hauwei, Sprint, telecommunications company Etisalat among others.

About Firefox OS:

Firefox OS Smartphones are the first devices powered completely by Web technologies. You get the performance, personalization and price you want in a smartphone packaged in a beautiful, clean, intuitive, and easy-to-use experience.

Firefox OS introduces a brand new concept for smartphones. Adaptive app search literally transforms the phone to meet your needs at any moment, without the need to download anything. Search for your favorite music artist and get app results to buy songs, listen instantly, buy concert tickets and more. Adaptive app search makes it possible for you to access one-time use or downloadable apps and gives you a completely  customized experience with the exact content you want, when you want it.

Firefox OS also includes all the things people expect from a smartphone — calls, messaging, email, camera — and those that they want, such as built-in social integration with Facebook and Twitter, location-based services like Nokia HERE maps which include local transit and traffic information, much-loved features like the Firefox browser, the Firefox Marketplace and much more.

Firefox OS student ambassadors at Makerere University, Uganda during an activity
Firefox OS student ambassadors at Makerere University, Uganda during an activity. Image credit: mozilla-uganda.org


Ambassador:Someone chosen to represent a brand and be part of its campaign to reach out for its target customers, give them the reason and need to use its product; thus plays the role of being the face of a brand.

What will you do as an ambassador?

You can be a Firefox OS ambassador wherever you are in the world! As an ambassador you’ll get to tell people about the product, tell them about how useful it is; it’s amazing user experience, uniqueness and have them use the OS. You will be a voice to introduce the product to the people who haven’t tried it out and give them information that they need. Ultimately, they’ll be proud to identity with the Firefox brand. The program targets students in colleges.

Opportunities and endless possibilities:

Firefox OS phone
Firefox OS phone

Working with Firefox, a globally acclaimed brand could open opportunities for you in the future; you can work as a brand strategist for not only tech companies but also other big companies that need to market their brand out there. You will also have the self esteem of being an ambassador for a reputable company; as you share experiences with the people in your community, you also get to learn a lot on Web technologies and digital devices. That is a pointer for being part of the world’s digital transformation; playing a part in ending the digital divide in young economies. You can also create apps for the Firefox market place and get paid!


How can I you do it? Just got to this page and follow instructions.  Also, check out how a Firefox OS workshop went down in Manila, Philippines. Wish you luck!





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