How to Turn an Internship into a Full-Time Job (Teen Vogue Magazine)

A Teen Vogue Itinerary
A Teen Vogue Itinerary

According to the Wikipedia, This U.S. magazine Teen Vogue focuses on fashion and celebrities and offers information about the latest entertainment and feature stories on current issues and events. The following tips are easy and fun! Read on.

Start early…like, now.
Even if you can only commit to interning a few days a week until school’s out, it’s much easier to get your foot in the door during the semester (and prior to the onslaught of summer internship applications). Not going to school in the city your dream company is based in? Expressing an interest in a summer internship in December or January not only shows your enthusiasm, but also demonstrates that you’re a planner and know how to take initiative—great qualities for an intern and a full-time employee. Bonus: If it’s a post-grad internship you’re after and you reach out early enough, the company may contact you about entry-level positions that open up while you’re finishing school.

Dream big, think small.
Although Barbie is a global icon, the digital agency where I worked had less than 50 employees when I started! The projects I worked on there were much more interesting than my responsibilities as an intern at larger companies. In addition to hands-on opportunities, there was also a strong desire to acquire talented employees. With the CEO’s office only 20 feet away from my desk, it wasn’t difficult for my hard work and dedication to get noticed.

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