The Facebook Story

The original Facebook homepage
The original Facebook homepage

Today, two major things happened, in the talent ‘acquisition’ world. It’s been exactly 10 years since Facebook came live. And it’s been 10 years since I discovered my writing talent, I’ve developed it over the years, the biggest moment being in 2007 when I spent a whole year reading the Oxford dictionary in and out. I was merely 13 years old. Over the decade I used to compete and top my English class. I even competed with my teacher and won.

Roughly two hours ago I was in an interview. It’s the best thing that’s happened to show my progress in talent. At Facebook, things have been soooo interesting. It’s now a big public company, employees over 5000 and counting. It was just an email service for Harvard University, which quickly spread to Stanford University and ended up in Yale University and then the whole world. People have met there, married and have had ‘Facebook kids’

This story should give you an amazing encounter of the whole journey. Facebook would have been bought by Yahoo for $1 billion but this is what went down:

Callahan remembers Zuckerberg coming out to address a company meeting with the Viacom offer in his hands. “‘This is an offer to buy the company,'” Zuckerberg said, according to Callahan, before sticking the offer to a wall.
“‘Forget that,'” Zuckerberg went on. “‘We are not selling the company. We are going to make this happen.'”

The company has grown big, and is now the one offering to buy Snapchat  But the two Snapchat guys refused. The main guy after meeting with Zuckerberg went and bought his staff the book ‘The Art of War’

Happy birthday Facebook!

Read the rest of the story


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