Meet the girl behind the phrase “Una maswali mengi, kwani we ni polisi?”

No one needs to tell you whether you're talented or not as long as you know you are
No one needs to tell you whether you’re talented or not as long as you know you are

I really admire unique talent and I find it adorable to get engaged with such. Whether it is a subtle sense of fashion, a penchant to writing, being passionate about playing tennis on the lawn during the weekends, going out for some acting contest, designing amazing games and much more…it is always inspiring. Someone once told me that if you want to succeed greatly, work on your talent like no one cares about it, do not look for attention; something amazing always attracts attention and it will ultimately be feted.

Remember the 1996 movie Matilda (Here’s the trailer: She’s Mara Wilson. The girl who had some incredible abilities? Well, I bumped into her blog: She’s an amazing writer. However, she no longer enjoys acting, partly because Hollywood did not need her, and the other reason being that she has many engagements with charity work and other fun stuff. She could do a few scenes here and there with trusted friends though. I admired the smartness that she still oozed, just like in the movie. The point is, I learned from her. Like, from her FAQ page, where she has posted the most asked questions directed to her, there’s this very interesting response:

Question: “Can you make me famous?”
Her response: “Again, I don’t have that kind of pull, sorry. If I like the thing you made, there’s a chance I’ll post it on Facebook or Tweet about it, but I can’t connect you to any industry professionals.” Lesson learned: work your way up; do not (try to) build on people’s success. If you do, you’ll fail terribly and end up losing faith in yourself.
My imagination always takes me far away (in mind)..and I get to meet some life-changing people! I always have something to learn from them. So last week I got to talk to a young girl who is talented in music. We shared a lot!

It was a lively chat. She gets busy a lot but the chilly weather haunting the city of Nairobi wasn’t that of a put off. She is the girl that you may have heard on radio (if not, I have included a video link at the bottom of the page.) She gets to share closely, about her life and the future ahead. She is beautiful, brainy and talented. She is always working hard to be the best she can be. She has a strong business sense, she’s principled and fun to work with. You may have heard the viral song ‘Maswali Ya Polisi’ that hit the airwaves for a quite a while in 2012! I got to interview Natasha Minneh, the girl behind the angelic voice in the song. She is the next big thing!

Vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.
“couples were dancing to the music”
noun: talent; plural noun: talents
Natural aptitude or skill.
Me: Nasha is your stage name right? What are your real names?

N: Call me Minneh Natasha, a bubbly outgoing girl with zest for life, passionate about making change in other people’s lives and chasing my dreams. A go-getter, self driven and future oriented.

Me: What genre of music and type of modeling do you do?
N: I rap, do urban hip hop and voice over’s too. I’m also a freelance commercial model.

Me: So far what have you done in terms of music and modeling that’s out here?

N: I’ve done 3 collabos which are on my Reverbnation page; I’m working on the
video for my new single featuring Kenrazy. I did the female voice on
DNA’s ‘Maswali ya polisi too’. I have also done a couple of videos and articles for Eve pullout on Standard Media too. It has been rather difficult and  interesting but I am up to the task!

Nasha with Jamaican artist Demarco during one of his visits to Kenya.  He is known for great hits such as 'Badmine Energy' ft DingDong
Nasha with Jamaican artist Demarco during one of his visits to Kenya. He is known for great hits such as ‘Badmine Energy’ ft DingDong

Me: Which artists do you look up to both local and international?
N: I have a bunch. I never limit my genre; talk of hip hop, some rock, and Afro Fusion. Music is good as long as it has a theme someone can learn from and with zest, have a positive outlook on life: that is fun and the need to enjot life because it is short. J.Cole, Nicki Minaj, Afrika bambata, V-sita, Khaligraph Jones and Truf Wil of Hype Pack are some of my inspirations.

Me: Are you single?
N: (Chuckle) 🙂 yes

Me: Describe your style in a few words
N: Haha very swagged up, tomboyish, I love bright colours, basically
male stuff-especially shoes, snapbacks and hoodies.

Me: What is your twitter handle?
N: Anyone out there can follow me @natashaminneh and we’ll get to engage on my new music plans and some word of advice on talent development.

Rapper J Cole, one of Natasha's inspirations.
Rapper J Cole, one of Natasha’s inspirations.

Me: Considering the fact that no matter how we are trying to make gender mainstreaming work in the Music industry, we are way far. We have made some progress though. What advice do you have for females with talent out there?
N: The worst mistake you can ever make is not working on your dreams. Somebody
else is gonna use you to build theirs and it’s wrong to depend on a man. Girls run the world!

Me: Did you have any challenges balancing school, talent and social life?

N: Definitely. But I have this believe that no matter how squeezed you are, you can always find a couple minutes to think of that something that you really love to do. That’s what has kept me going. I also concentrate on one thing at a time-it it’s school time, my musical part has to take a break. You don’t wanna run crazy by managing a billion things at a time! Patience is a key thing too.

Me: Any local artists and designers you would want to work with?

N: Yeah, I feel the ones that make great music should be on my list. Kaka Sungura, Khaligraph Jones, V-sita, Truff Wil of Hype Pack, Calvin Sewe “25flow” and Dayweed of “Oh My Goth” (OMG)

Well, at only 19 the girl has managed to inspire many as well as work with some of the greatest artists in the country to nurture her talent. We do wish her all the best in her music career.You can watch the ‘Maswali Ya Polisi’ video here:


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