How To Succeed In Your Talent

How to succeed in your talent

Having a talent is a blessing but finding the right path to succeed in it is another thing. It is a hard struggle to cope with challenges along the way. Such include letdowns, frustrations that come after and pit falls. Here are some of the tips you should put in use to develop your talent, make the best of it and inspire others! I have learned these through out my journey as a writer and I plan to use them always as long as I am a writer.

  1. 1.       Decide what you are good at:

As we grow up, we get to try out a lot of things until we discover our talents. Some of us try football but end up choosing to be actors instead. It is a stage. Everyone bubbly person tries to have as much fun as possible!

As for me, I used to imagine myself as a really great actor. As time went by, I realized my passion is more about the written word. I dread the stage. Although I might consider beating my fear in the future, I feel that my best way of expression is writing. I have since stuck to my talent and I have made a couple achievements here and there!

As someone inspirational puts it;

“Find your talent early, get your education, create a career and serve your community.”

-Usher Raymond IV, at the President’s Circle Awards 2013

 Writer at Twilight

  1. 2.       Start working on it.


Great artists don’t wait to be inspired; they are their own managers. Before you get some support, you have to show that you love what you do. Definitely, if you don’t like what you do, no one else will. Don’t be baffled by the quick progress of others while you always get rejections from managers and doubt from friends or even family! Keep doing what you do, because you love it and not for money or fame. That should be your main motivation. *Don’t wait for motivation

“You can’t wait for inspiration; you have to go after it with a club”

-Jack London


  1. 3.       Search for information as you go!


As you work on your talent, it is important to learn from others and find out how they did it. You can do this by reading inspirational books. You can search for amazing quotes on the internet to keep you energized. Go for workshops, whether you are a dancer, drawing artist or comedian. They are very resourceful as you get to learn on:

*The best places to harness your talent

*The available resources and opportunities by the organizers

*The competitions that they may be running, always take advantage of such opportunities!

Here is what I learned from Liza Wisner Mucheru-Wisner. She finished top 3 in NBC’s ‘The Apprentice Season 10. She is now Brand Ambassador for Justin Bieber’s ‘Girlfriend’ perfume whose proceeds go to supporting Pencils of Promise, a community organization. She learned the following by engaging in the reality show.Tips

  1. Passion: You have to love what you do to ensure success
  2. Learn sales: You have to be your own best sales person and learn how to sell yourself
  3. Improve: Education is the foundation, but it’s not just about the number of degrees, it’s honing your skills and practicing every day to be the best you can be.
  4. Focus: Dabbling is not productive because you cannot be the best at everything. Focus on one thing you love doing and are good at and you will find success.
  5. Be tough and courageous: Even when faced with adversity, stay tough and keep your head up. The light at the end of the tunnel may be closer than you think.
  6. Work hard=getting lucky: Mr. Trump loved to say, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”
  7. Trust God & be true to yourself: Never compromise your own personal values and integrity.
  8. The freedom of trusting God first is really a true testament to leading a stress-free life.

Courtesy of AOL Jobs


  1. 4.       Find a group of people with the same interest

Team work is really healthy for your talent. You get to share with others your experiences and get to hear what they have to offer. It is an amazing avenue to thrive your talent. You don’t lose by sharing with others. Do not see it as exposing your strengths or weaknesses. By the way, competition is healthy as it makes you take a step further to develop your talent!

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins champions.”

-Michael Jordan

  1. 5.       Find a mentorMentor

A mentor is someone that you look up to, and who tutors you and supports your talent. It may be your teacher, your older sibling or someone who has made it.  They understand who you are, your struggles and the potential that you have. They spare their time advising you and sometimes finding opportunities for you. Most of the successful people who have made it had people who helped them nurture their talents. Talk of Donald Trump, in his book ‘Think Like a Billionaire’, he talks about how his dad used to take him out to scout for construction sites, took him through the process of setting up a real estate and nowadays he is a successful business man. Same with the teen pop stars that you see on TV! Don’t miss out on this. It is a very exciting experience.

  1. 6.       Find an agent/talent manager.

An agent or talent manager does the looking of opportunities for you. They book shows for you, help you publish a book or secure a record deal. They play a very important role in copyrighting your work and ensuring that you earn the best out of your talent. Examples of people who have talent are Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Cody Simpson, Psy, Carly Rae Jespsen and The Wanted who share the same manager. Usher was mentored by L.A. Reid who also produced Avril Lavigne’s maiden album with the ‘Sk8r boy’ hit.

However before you approach a manager or even a sponsor, make sure that you present the best you got! You can start making your portfolio as soon as you discover your talent.

“If you’re the type of person who has to fulfill your dreams, you’ve gotta be resourceful to make sure that you can do it. I came to California when I was 21, thinking my New York credentials would take me all the way. I came back a year later all dejected and a failure.”

-Vin Diesel, actor Fast and Furious film series, Chronicles of Riddick

I wish you the best in your future success!


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