Resonating with feminine confidence

Resonating with feminine confidence.
She hopelessly works overtime,
She cannot afford to lose the dime,
‘Cause the litigious foreman
Is too impertinent more than Conan.

Her irresponsible husband to cope with,
Her sour twilights are her soaked plinth,
No one to help her out,
She’s now chosen to be a tout.

Being battered for attending epistemic workshops,
Is just a tinge of her problems?
It’s a scary reminder of her weary past…
Oh, could her muffled breath be her last?

Her primary school T.A too bad,
Her abnegation to his romance nerdish to him,
Pleasantries afore turned into painful strokes,
Her interest to study went broke.

Step sister of hers ran into divorcing,
She did it wrong first time marrying,
Two-year-old-knot shredded by collision of interest,
Woman cannot be president…
At first chance to accede matrimony denied,
Though 21st centurily aberrant dreams died,
She has to get used to be the detrop,
For her life she had to look for alternative prop.

Shame looms large in hospitals too,
Doctor injection payed for in the loo,
Jurassic malpractices that love hates!
Let’s not cross fingers for the best by rushing dates.

Time to kick out galvanized cultures,
That wreath our pride with fractures,
Let’s rekindle what’s not too twiddly for us,
‘Cause ultimately the outcome is life’s gift.

So I just hope we’ll do something good,
Just like poesy comes from the wood,
It’s a bright future in our life scopes,
And it’s going to be real-not like opera soaps.

Time comes, time goes…
We can do simple but make change,
By the little things everyone does,
They are bound to bring a new age.


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